Interface Mockups
After careful review of your team's sketches and ideas (from 1.5), agree on the main game features and the visual theme of your team's design. Then create digital interface mockups that represent your different screen states that can demonstrate the game flow. These mockups will be used in the next step to create an interactive prototype.
If your team is has having difficulty agreeing on a design direction, determine a plan to come to a decision. Maybe, instead of one mockup, you make two or three unique mockups to compare before deciding.
❏ Deliverables Five digital screen mockups (or more) that represent:
  • the welcome screen
  • the question screen
  • the question screen on correct answer feedback
  • the question screen on incorrect answer feedback
  • the closing (thank you) screen once the player is done.
✓- Below Standard
✓ At Standard
✓+ Above Standard
Interface mockups are provided but lack detail, not demonstrating a unique visual perspective on the basic trivia template design.
The interface mockups demonstrate a thoughtful concept design and provides a good representation for ideas and feedback from participants.
The mockups are exceptional in representing and evaluating some novel concepts, or a couple variations of concepts are presented to compare.

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