Problem Definition & Importance

Each team member will conduct background research on likely topics for your trivia app. Begin to be subject matter experts in any topic you choose and consider the knowledge your target audience may or may not have. You want your treatment of the topic to be accurate and appropriate for the context of your concept. For example, if your team were focusing on a health issue as the topic, see the instructions below on how you could do research.

Example Research Perspective for Health Topics: Each team member will conduct background research on at least one health issue to understand the scope of each problem (like trends, statistics, and causal relationships) and the opportunities to affect public awareness. It is important to look at each health issue through the lens of public awareness, since your trivia game can address that, rather than brainstorming cures or new treatment plans etc. How knowledgeable is the general public on the topic right now? How much could the community benefit from learning some key information through a trivia game? What is the potential for generating some social movement? Will you have access to the communities greatly affected by the health issue for further research and testing your trivia app? As a team, discuss all the research and determine which health issue will be your focus. If your team is still undecided, you may use the interviews in the next task to help you finalize your decision.

❏ Deliverable Collect your team's background research into a single document or slide set. Include the team's decision on which topic(s) your trivia game will address, or provide the team's plan to investigate a bit further before making that decision.

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