Stakeholder Profiles & Narratives
Each team member will conduct two interviews of people outside of class to understand their perspective on your chosen topic and on trivia games. You will want to investigate the depth of each person's knowledge and passion about your topic. You will also want to gather their likes and dislikes with trivia games and mobile gaming in general. As a team, review your interview responses and use this information to develop personas, one for each team member, that describe the context, needs, and frustrations of stakeholders, revealing opportunities to support meaningful experience with your topic. Each team member can also create a short storyboard that describes a "before, during, and after" story of how your solution provide an improved outcome. Here are templates: Persona Template & Storyboard Template
❏ Deliverable Collect your team's personas and storyboards into a single document or slide set.
✓- Below Standard
✓ At Standard
✓+ Above Standard
Stakeholder personas are provided but lack clarity and offer limited value in understanding the stakeholders.
Stakeholder personas provide thoughtful descriptions of people that will guide the design of a valuable solution.
Stakeholder personas are vivid descriptions that will bring exceptional focus to the team's development work.
Storyboards lacked a clear narrative or provide little description.
Storyboards outlined the before, during, and after narrative with clarity.
Storyboards demonstrated a careful and insightful perspective on potential narratives.
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