Project: Trivia App


Refine your previous work as needed to be included in your proposal presentation. Ensure that each slide contributes to an explanation of a cohesive story that supports your initial concept and value proposition.
❏ Deliverable Your team's proposal as a collection of slides containing...
  • a title slide
  • your value proposition
  • summary slides (or exemplars) of your team's work - likely not everything though.
    • competitive analyses
    • stakeholder personas
    • storyboard sketches.
✓- Below Standard
✓ At Standard
✓+ Above Standard
Information presented in a way that is not always clear, concise, and logical. The presentation style and selection of material is not fully appropriate for the context.
Information presented in a clear, concise, and logical manner. The selection of material and style is appropriate and effective.
Exceptionally curated information that is delivered in an interesting, coherent and memorable way.
Delivery: Eye contact, poise, and appropriate voice-level often lacking.
Vocal clarity, eye-contact, and physical composure maintained throughout.
An exceptionally engaging delivery of content lacking unnecessary distractions from the content.