Project: Trivia App
In this phase you well begin to frame the goals of your team's design by learning about these important aspects.
  • stakeholders in your community
  • technology available to you and features of existing trivia designs
  • context of health issues in your community.
After conducting research, you will develop initial design ideas and compose a clear value proposition that defines what your team will create, for whom, and the value it will bring. Finally, you will present a proposal to your class and the community for feedback, helping you refine your design direction moving into the next project phase.
Estimated Time
Problem Definition & Importance
1 hour
Technology Experimentation (Trivia Code Tutorial)
4 hours
Competitive Analysis
2 hours
Stakeholder Profiles & Narratives
2 hours
Initial Ideas & Evaluation
2 hours
Value Proposition
1 hour
Team Proposal
1 hour
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