Technology Experimentation & Summary

Each team member will complete the code template build tutorial to develop a firm understanding of the technical opportunities and constraints your team will have with your design. Also, complete the steps needed to manage your own question database.


As a team review, you can map out the potential features of a trivia app according to the level of impact a feature might have on a user and the level of difficulty in implementing the feature with code. This should help you with the decisions you will make later about your solution. Here is a template you could use to complete a map.

❏ Deliverable Demonstrate that you have completed the build tutorial, created a question database and can discuss how the code works. Optionally, share your team's mapping of potential features.

❏ Advanced Deliverable Demonstrate that you have made modifications to the trivia app in the following ways.

  1. Make at least three noticeable style changes to the game, likely done by changing the stylesheet CSS. Here are some basic changes to consider.

  2. Choose and incorporate at least one Javascript code modification from this section of the Trivia Code Reference.

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