2.8 Solution Presentation

Create a slide presentation that explains and demonstrates the smart device and web app that your team designed and developed as your project solution. Practice your presentation before delivering it to your class. This will be an opportunity for other project teams to ask questions and provide constructive feedback to help your team improve its solution.

Your team's presentation should include the following (in this order):

  1. Project Team: product name, team name, team members & their roles

  2. Value Proposition: If necessary, revise your team's value proposition to better match your solution. Be sure the value proposition is clear and compelling.

  3. Persona: If necessary, revise your team's persona to better match the target users for your solution. Be sure the persona is useful for understanding the target users that the solution was designed for.

  4. System Model: If necessary, revise your team's system model to better match your solution. Briefly explain the system model for your smart device and web app.

  5. Interactive Prototype: Briefly demonstrate at least one task using your team's original interactive prototype of the web app (the version used during user testing).

  6. Prototype Evaluation: Briefly describe the participants (number, gender, age, etc.) involved in the user testing of the interactive prototype of the web app, and briefly summarize the evaluation findings.

  7. Product Website: Use your team's product marketing website to briefly describe the features and tech specs of your smart device solution. Be sure to show the photo(s) of your completed smart device.

  8. Product Demonstration: Either do a live demo of your team's smart device (while projecting the completed web app) – or play your team's product demo video.

The presentation should have 8-10 slides and take 5-10 minutes to deliver.

❏ Deliverable

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