2.7 Product Video

Your team will create a product demo video that will briefly demonstrate and explain your working smart device prototype and its web app. You'll include the video in your team's product marketing website.

  1. Create a script and narrative storyboard for your team's product demo video, which should be about 1-2 minutes in length. As necessary, tailor the video content to your target users, as represented by your team's persona. Be sure the video will be clear, concise, engaging, and professional.

    • For the script, be sure you'll show and explain what the smart device and web app do, as well as the value they provide to users.

    • For the storyboard, decide which types of camera shots will be most effective for the different parts or scenes in the video. When necessary, be sure to capture close-up shots of the smart device or web app to show important details.

  2. Use your script and storyboard to practice the video.

    • The person(s) that will act and/or narrate should practice what they will do and/or say.

    • The camera person should practice capturing the camera shots using different camera movements (tilting up or down, panning left or right, zooming in or out, etc.).

    • If your team can record the final video (and its audio) in one continuous take, you'll avoid or minimize the need to edit the video.

  3. Record and finalize the video.

    • If necessary, record additional takes.

    • If necessary, edit the video to finalize it (cut and splice scenes, add titles or captions, add narration or background music, etc.).

    • Upload the final video to a site (such as: Google Drive, YouTube, etc.) that will allow you to embed (or link to) the video in your team’s product marketing website.

❏ Deliverable

Submit a link to your team's product demo video for its smart device solution.

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