2.4 Prototype Evaluation

Your team will test the interactive prototype of your web app with people outside your team to evaluate whether the web app's design is easy to understand and use. Receiving constructive feedback will allow you to make improvements in the design before coding the web app.

Follow these instructions to conduct user testing of your team's interactive prototype. User testing consists of four major steps:

  1. Create Task Scenarios

  2. Recruit Participants

  3. Facilitate Testing Sessions

  4. Summarize Findings

Use this template to summarize your team's evaluation findings.

Based on the evaluation findings, make any necessary changes in the design of your web app before your team starts coding it. Create new sketches or mockups to show the revised interface design for the web app prototype.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to keep a copy of your original interactive prototype.

❏ Deliverable

Submit your team's evaluation findings & revised web app design

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