1.6 Value Proposition

Discuss and create a value proposition for your team’s smart device concept using this format:
  • For [describe target users] who [describe problem or need], [name of product] is a [describe type of product] that [describe benefit or value].
Your team's value proposition is an “elevator pitch” that quickly communicates your smart device concept to outside people and helps provide focus to your team as you design, build, and evaluate your smart device.

❏ Deliverable

Submit a document with your team's value proposition for your smart device concept.
VALUE PROPOSITION: For homeowners who want an easier way to control their house's climate, EcoStat is a smart thermostat that learns your home routine and automatically adjusts your house's temperature settings to provide ideal comfort, energy efficiency, and cost savings.
✓- Below Standard
✓ Meets Standard
✓+ Exceeds Standard
Value proposition is not clear or does not offer a compelling need for the proposed solution.
Value proposition is clear and supported by the team's research.
Value proposition is especially convincing and generates anticipation to see the rest of the project. The value to stakeholders is compelling.