Generate multiple low-fidelity prototypes for a solution. Evaluate and refine your prototypes through internal review and stakeholder feedback, in order to select a specific design to build. Define the specific design components of the solution, in order to develop a functional version. Create a plan to develop a functional high-fidelity prototype of your solution, based on the available time and resources. Code your solution in iterative stages. Create any content, assets, or other components needed. Internally test your solution to verify its quality and identify any issues. Continually track your progress to finish on time.

This phase of the project will require about 5-7 weeks to complete. Your teacher will identify the specific deadline(s) for the task assignments.


Estimated Time


​2.1 Project Schedule​

1 hour

2.2 System Model​

2 hours

2.3 Interactive Prototype

5 hours

2.4 Prototype Evaluation

5 hours

2.5 Smart Device and Apps

15-25 hours

2.6 Product Website

5 hours

2.7 Product Video

2 hours

2.8 Solution Presentation

2 hours