1.1 IoT Product Research

Conduct internet research to find an example IoT product or system for each of these contexts:
  1. 1.
    Consumer Context: home or personal use
  2. 2.
    Business Context: business, industry, agriculture, etc.
  3. 3.
    Public Context: government services, public infrastructure, healthcare, environment, etc.
EXCLUDED: You CANNOT research the following consumer products: smartphones, tablets, computers, headphones, stereo systems, TVs, Blu-Ray/DVD players, streaming players, or gaming consoles.
Gather information to summarize the following for each IoT product:
  • What is the IoT product’s name, purpose, and specific context of use? (include product image)
  • What value does the IoT product provide? (e.g., is it more convenient, is it more efficient, is it more cost-effective, is it safer, does it perform a task not possible otherwise, etc.)
  • What physical inputs (such as: sensors, etc.) does the IoT product have? What data does it gather from its physical environment using these inputs?
  • What physical outputs (such as: motors, etc.) does the IoT product have? What actions does it perform in its physical environment using these outputs?
  • What type of internet or network connection (such as: cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.) does the IoT product have? What data does it send or receive with apps, databases, or other devices through this connection?
  • What information sources were used in your research? (include links to sources)

❏ Deliverable

Submit a slide presentation containing your research findings
Consumer IoT Product Research
✓- Below Standard
✓ Meets Standard
✓+ Exceeds Standard
Presentation is incomplete or lacking clarity.
Presentation provides clear, concise, and complete information about example IoT products in consumer, business, and public contexts.
Presentation content and delivery is professional and engaging.