1.1 IoT Product Research

Conduct internet research to find an example IoT product or system for each of these contexts:

  1. Consumer Context: home or personal use

  2. Business Context: business, industry, agriculture, etc.

  3. Public Context: government services, public infrastructure, healthcare, environment, etc.

EXCLUDED: You CANNOT research the following consumer products: smartphones, tablets, computers, headphones, stereo systems, TVs, Blu-Ray/DVD players, streaming players, or gaming consoles.

Gather information to summarize the following for each IoT product:

  • What is the IoT product’s name, purpose, and specific context of use? (include product image)

  • What value does the IoT product provide? (e.g., is it more convenient, is it more efficient, is it more cost-effective, is it safer, does it perform a task not possible otherwise, etc.)

  • What physical inputs (such as: sensors, etc.) does the IoT product have? What data does it gather from its physical environment using these inputs?

  • What physical outputs (such as: motors, etc.) does the IoT product have? What actions does it perform in its physical environment using these outputs?

  • What type of internet or network connection (such as: cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.) does the IoT product have? What data does it send or receive with apps, databases, or other devices through this connection?

  • What information sources were used in your research? (include links to sources)

❏ Deliverable

Submit a slide presentation containing your research findings

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