3.1 Evaluation and Post Interview

Plan another evaluation to test your live chatbot using the think-aloud protocol with at least six people. While you did a basic functional test (code testing) earlier, this evaluation will help you determine if the chatbot is fully usable and engaging for people. Prepare a few prompts for participants to complete the main tasks your chatbot supports. For example, you could ask them, "How would you go about reviewing a glossary of terms in our Chemistry Bot to prepare for a quiz?". By observing the interaction and any comments from the participant you will gain insight. Be sure to record your findings promptly. Be sure to evaluate the conversation flow and the quality of the chatbot messages and feedback.

Follow up this evaluation with an informal post interview of participants to get feedback on the overall effectiveness of your solution in addressing your chosen health issue. You want to learn as much as you can while using people's time wisely and respectfully.

Thinking Aloud from Nielsen Norman Group.

❏ Deliverable A document or slide that summarizes the results of your user experience evaluation.

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