1.5 Concept Narrowing

  1. Provide each team member time to share their ideas and the value of each concept documented.

  2. Synthesize your concepts into three top concepts that all team members find interesting and valuable. Document the three concepts in the template linked below the same as you did in the previous individual exercise.

  3. Develop a sample dialogue flow diagram for each of the three concepts that is at least as detailed as this example, but begins to show some more detail like this example from this article. Include your sample dialogue flow in each concept using a Google drawing embed or photo of a hand-drawn version. Make sure it is clearly legible and useful for describing the concept.

    Note: This will not be a complete (or exhaustive) dialogue flow chart, only a sample of a common interaction with a user that you envision.

  4. Share your three concepts to six people in your class and document feedback on the value, interest-level, and complexity of each concept. Be sure to carefully explain the concepts and use the dialogue flow diagram to help illustrate the idea. Be sure to discuss the tone and personality of the potential chatbot. Also, capture in your document any ideas that people give you that may be incorporated later.

  5. Have each team member share your team's three concepts with two people outside of class. (For example, share with a total of six people if you have a team of three.) Try to target a different, but pertinent, audience---like parents, siblings, coaches, etc. Capture the feedback as before.

Concept Narrowing Document Template

❏ Deliverable Your team's Concept Narrowing and Evaluations Document as a single document or slide set.

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