2.6 Code Development Outline and Begin Coding

Outline the features to program by priority--core features, enhanced features, and wish list features. You are creating a basic functional requirements document. Begin coding and maintain well organized code as you progress towards your first full demonstration.

Functional Requirements Examples

Core Features - The chatbot will have a customized background and font that differs from the template - The chatbot will handle a simple intoduction dialogue and save the user's name - The chatbot will present three buttons to the visitor to select one of three topics of interest - The chatbot will be able to search a dictionary of terms based on visitor input - ....add more core features Enhanced Features - The chatbot will be able to offer embedded videos to the user based on dictionary searches - The chatbot will provide further suggestions as a follow up to search results to expand the user's experience. - ...add more enhanced features Wish List - The chatbot will respond to voice input - The chatbot will save a history of interactions with a user. - .....

❏ Deliverable A document or slide that outlines your progressive development plan.

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