2.1 Database Development

While the chatbot script (Rivescript) is your main method of controlling the flow of your chatbot dialogue, you will likely want to use a basic database to store tabular data that your chatbot could incorporate in it's service. For example, you may have a large dictionary of terms that a visitor may want to search through your chatbot, or maybe you develop a large set of study questions to quiz a visitor of your chatbot. There are a lot of possibilities.

You will find that providing a chatbot that is backed by a rich data source for people will take careful thought and multiple iterations. So getting a good start on your database will be very beneficial. Follow the instructions for managing a database for your team and make an intentional plan to develop your database of valuable facts for use in your chatbot.

You will have to think carefully and discuss with your team about what kind of data will be most valuable, along with how you can best format the data to make it useful in the chatbot.

❏ Deliverable Your properly formatted database that will support use in the chatbot. Items may continue to be added.

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