1.3 Background Research

Each team member will conduct background research on at least one topic to understand the scope of of possibilities for each (like current trends, statistics, and impact) and the opportunities to provide value to a chatbot visitor. It is important to look at each topic through the lens of how a chatbot may be of value.

  • How knowledgeable is the general public on the topic right now?

  • How much could the community benefit from learning some key information through a chatbot?

  • What is the potential for generating social movement, sometimes called "viral"?

  • Will you have access to the communities regarding the topic for further research and testing your chatbot?

As a team, discuss all the research and determine which topic will be your focus. If your team is still undecided, you may use the interviews in the next task to help you finalize your decision.

❏ Deliverable Collect your team's background research into a single document or slide set.

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