2.2 Sample Dialogues

Document an example of the dialogue that your chatbot may take with a user for each your three key tasks.

This exercise will help define the backbone of your bot and provide a starting point for your script.

  1. All three tasks should start out the same, but quickly divert once the user triggers a path. Look at the example starting points in the template, but edit it with your chatbot dialogue and take it to the conclusion of an interaction.

  2. Carefully consider the language the bot uses and how to structure clear prompts that will direct the conversation in a productive way.

  3. While you are documenting this single instance of how a dialogue may go, start to think about the many ways the user may respond--you will have to deal with that in your final product.

  4. Each team member should evaluate the sample dialogue (much like you would a paper prototype) by having two people individually follow your sample dialogue using the think-aloud protocol. Synthesize your results and define important decisions for chatbot design before coding begins.

Sample Dialogue Template

Thinking Aloud from Nielsen Norman Group.

❏ Deliverables A document or slide that summarizes the results of your dialogue evaluation

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