2.7 Robot Demo Video

You'll create a robot demo video that will show and explain your team's functional robot prototype demonstrating its tasks. You'll include the video in your team's product marketing website.

  1. Create a script and narrative storyboard for your team's product demo video, which should be about 1-3 minutes in length. As necessary, tailor the video content to your target users/stakeholders, as represented by your team's persona. Be sure the video will be clear, concise, engaging, and professional.

    • For the script, be sure to describe what problem the robot is designed to solve, as well as the value it provides to users/stakeholders. The script should also describe each task scenario, including key steps or behaviors demonstrated by the robot prototype.

    • For the storyboard, decide which types of camera shots will be most effective for the different tasks or steps in the video. The simplest approach would be to use a fixed camera position showing the entire robot demo environment. However, it may help to use certain types of camera shots to highlight certain details or behaviors.

  2. Use your script, storyboard, robot prototype, and demo environment to practice the video.

    • The person that will narrate should practice what they will say and should be able to sync the narration to the robot's actions.

    • If you're not using a fixed camera position, the camera person should practice capturing the camera shots using different camera movements (changing position, tilting up or down, panning left or right, zooming in or out, etc.).

    • If your team can record the final video (and its audio) in one continuous take, you'll avoid or minimize the need to edit the video.

  3. Record and finalize the video.

    • If necessary, record additional takes.

    • If necessary, edit the video to finalize it (cut and splice scenes, add titles or captions, add or edit narration, etc.).

    • Upload the final video to a site (such as: Google Drive, YouTube, etc.) that will allow you to embed (or link to) the video in your team’s product website.

❏ Deliverable

Submit a link to your team's robot demo video.

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