1.5 User Research


Your team will conduct user research by interviewing potential users (or other stakeholders) for your robot concept. The interviews will be an opportunity to better understand the users' needs and expectations by verifying: what tasks your robot could perform for the users, and how users might expect the tasks to be performed.

Analyze your interview data to create a persona of a typical user/stakeholder for the robot, which will help inform and guide your design process. Here are instructions that explain personas and describe a process for interviewing users to create a persona.

Persona Template

MAKE A COPY: To use a template, be sure you're logged in to your Google Account. From the template's File menu, select Make a copy. Save the copy to your shared team folder in Google Drive. You can now modify it.

❏ Deliverable

Submit your team's interview questions, interview data, and persona.




✓- Below Standard

✓ Meets Standard

✓+ Exceeds Standard

Interview questions and persona are provided but lack clarity and offer limited value in understanding potential users/stakeholders for product.

Interview questions reveal valuable information about users/stakeholders. Persona provides thoughtful description of users/stakeholders that will guide the design of an effective solution.

Numerous and diverse set of people are interviewed, representing users and other key stakeholders. Multiple personas are created, providing insightful descriptions that will bring exceptional focus to the team's design work.