1.8 Proposal Presentation

You'll create a slide presentation that summarizes your team’s proposal for its robot prototype. Practice your presentation before delivering it to your class. This will be an opportunity for other project teams to ask questions and provide constructive feedback to help your team clarify and improve its project concept.

Your team's presentation should include the following (in this order):

  1. Project Team: product name, team name, team members & their roles

  2. Value Proposition: Be sure the value proposition for your project concept is clear and compelling.

  3. Competitive Analysis: Briefly describe the examples of competing products & highlight their key strengths and weaknesses. Explain the opportunities your team identified to design a product that is unique or better compared to the competitors.

  4. User Research (Persona): Identify how many people were interviewed and how they were selected. Highlight key aspects of the persona that was created from the interview data.

  5. Robot Task Scenarios: Show the diagrams for the robot task scenarios, and briefly explain each task scenario: what is the goal of the task, what will the demo environment include, what behaviors will the robot demonstrate, what parts or actions might be simulated, how will the robot's performance be measured or evaluated, etc.

The presentation should have 6-12 slides and take 5-10 minutes to deliver.

❏ Deliverable

Submit your team’s slide presentation

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