1.1 Player Motivations

Just as people like different types of books or movies, people like different types of video games. If you're going to design a video game, you'll need to know more about what motivates people to play certain games.

You'll start by taking a survey to determine your own Gamer Motivation Profile. Later in the project, your team will decide which gaming motivations to target for its game concept.

Quantic Foundry is a game analytics consulting company that has gathered data from over 400,000 video game players to construct a scientific model that describes different types of gaming motivations.

This model identified 12 gaming motivations that form into 6 groups. For example, Challenge and Strategy are gaming motivations that belong to the Mastery group.

  1. Take the online survey to determine your Gamer Motivation Profile. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete.

  2. Record your results in this assignment template.

  3. Discuss and compare your results with others in the class.

MAKE A COPY: To use a template, be sure you're logged in to your Google Account. From the template's File menu, select Make a copy. Save the copy to a folder in your Google Drive. You can now modify it.

❏ Deliverable

Submit your Gamer Motivation Profile results

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