Managing the Question DB

Using Google Sheet as Database (Recommended)

  1. Login to Google Drive.

  2. Create your own copy of the spreadsheet by selecting File > Make a copy....

  3. Now publish your copy of the spreadsheet by selecting File > Publish to the web... and click the Publish button.

  4. Once your spreadsheet is published, click the share button (upper right-hand side) of the spreadsheet page and copy the shareable link. (Make sure your link is set to Anyone with the link can view.)

  5. Find the setup() function in your JavaScript file, like the example below, and replace your link as the googleSheetLink. Actually, you only need the long key in your link, but the full URL should work as well.

  6. Now you can edit your Google Sheet and your question database will automatically be updated in your trivia app.

//Runs once at the beginning
function setup() {
var googleSheetLink = "1B3RFU17Y3gE7hcsarU81TM7FPudDTmt0OJz2vws4uw4";