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Phaser Coding

The following Phaser coding references are provided in this GitBook:

External Resources

There are many other Phaser references, examples, and tutorials available online. Here's some you may find particularly useful:
PHASER 3 VS. PHASER CE: Phaser 3 is the newest version of Phaser (first released in February 2018), which is maintained and updated by the folks at Photon Storm. Phaser CE is an open-source version of the previous Phaser 2, which is maintained and updated by the Phaser developer community.
While the API methods for Phaser 3 are similar to Phaser CE, code written for one will not work in the other without modification. All of the code examples in this project guidebook are based on Phaser CE. Eventually, this guidebook will be revised to use Phaser 3, which does offer improvements. However, in the meantime, be sure to use Phaser CE for this project.