Student Profile

Computing by Design projects for iDEW students are designed to build skills in programming, design, and data. Further, the projects provide a deep experience in the applications of technology for students to build confidence, develop intuition, exert influence, and express a unique voice. Below you will find an explanation for each of these attributes that encourage students to take ownership of their learning.


I am learning the art of trying things, critically looking at the result, and then improving them. I am confident in the face of not knowing something, even in failing, because I have experienced the process leading to results.
  • Iterative research of problem domains, applicable technologies, and stakeholders using industry practices.
  • Iterative coding and data collection methods in HTML/CSS/JS, Arduino, Spreadsheets, and SQL.
  • Iterative design practices with sketching, digital mockups, physical prototypes, and evaluation.


I am experiencing a growing number of contexts and tools to build solutions. I am seeing patterns emerge and building intuition based on my practice. My intuition enables me to adapt to many circumstances.
  • Using common reference materials for code syntax and examples across HTML/CSS/JS, Arduino, and SQL.
  • Linking general concepts of programming (variables, loops, functions, etc.) across different languages and frameworks.
  • Engagement of various real-world problem contexts.
  • Application of diverse technologies - Web app, IoT, Video Games, Robotics, Chatbot, Data Visualization.


I know I belong in the tech community because I have successfully contributed. I am convinced that I can change the world through thoughtful collaboration and intentional work.
  • Application of industry practices and speaking the language of industry practitioners.
  • Presentation and demonstration of project work in public, online, and in class contexts.
  • Collection of feedback on project work and synthesis of findings for improving the value of solutions.


I have experienced the diversity of thought and approaches to solving problems and have witnessed it by analyzing various real-world products. My unique voice brings value to the creative work being done to solve problems, and I see the value of team member contributions.
  • Filling unique roles within project team.
  • Demonstrating flexibility and novelty in my approach to deliverables.
  • Contributing to the collective solution to a problem.

Student Practices


  • Interviews
  • Internet Research
  • Surveys
  • Technical Experiments/Tutorials
  • Competitive Analysis


  • Sketching
  • Brainstorming
  • Idea Evaluation
  • Concept Mapping


  • Task Analysis
  • Storyboards
  • Digital Interface Prototypes
  • Physical Mockups


  • User Testing
  • Expert Review
  • Code Testing


  • SQL
  • Spreadsheets
  • Arduino-like Programming
  • Cloud Computing
  • Rules-based Chatbot Scripting