Degrees and Careers

You’ll conduct research to learn more about certifications, degrees, and careers in computing. Then you’ll share your research findings to help people make informed decisions about their personal career pathways.

Select a research focus from the choices below, and then follow the research assignment instructions.

Research Focus 1

Research national and state employment statistics for computing-related jobs:

  • How many people are currently employed in computing-related jobs?

  • What are the projections for the number of computing-related jobs in the future?

  • How many computing-related job openings are available annually?

  • What is the average salary for computing-related jobs?

Research Focus 2

Research different types of computing-related jobs:

  • What are the roles and responsibilities of different computing jobs?

  • What are the typical requirements to become employed in these jobs?

  • What are the typical salary ranges for these jobs?

  • What are the long-term career pathways possible within these jobs?

Research Focus 3

Research certifications and degrees related to computing:

  • What kinds of computing-related certifications and degrees are available?

  • What do students typically learn in these programs?

  • What are the costs and time commitments for these programs?

  • What types of jobs can these certifications and degrees lead to?

Research Focus 4

Propose your own research into computing degrees and careers. Be sure to have your teacher approve your research questions.

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