Data Viz with Python Exercise

Objectives: Experience how to import CSV data into a Python Notebook and create charts from the data, similar to what was done in the spreadsheet exercise. Develop an understanding of how Python Notebooks work to document and execute code. Your goal for this exercise is to complete items in a template Python Notebook to import CSV data and produce several charts . The resulting document will look something like the image below.

This exercise is partially a tutorial with some copy/paste/edit tasks to build an intuition of how python notebooks work and can be used to process data. We will create charts from movie datasets, similar to the spreadsheet exercise.

Instructions (see Video Explanation)

  1. Create your own copy of this Python Notebook in your google drive.

  2. Follow along in each step of the notebook and complete the TASK items.

  3. Once complete, print the notebook as a PDF and submit your PDF file.


A PDF of the completed notebook.

NOTE: Getting Images of Charts

If you needed to get images of your charts from the notebook for use in another application, like Google Drawing, you could do one of two things.

  1. You could screen capture a copy of a chart and paste it as an image into another application.

  2. You could download a PNG file directly from the Python Notebook (Colab on Google Drive) using a code block like the following and insert that image in the other application.

    voters.plot.scatter(x='rank', y='metascore')
    from google.colab import files "scatterplot.png" )

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