Data Viz with Spreadsheets Exercise

Objective: Experience how to import CSV data into a spreadsheet, create charts from the data and compose the charts into a visualization document. Your goal for this exercise is to create a visualization that looks something like the example below. You will start with the same data and use Google Sheets to create the charts. You can then copy and paste charts into Google Drawing to create a refined composite of the charts.


  1. Download the two CSV files above and import the two CSV files into Google Sheets. Import one CSV file per sheet (tab). Video

  2. Create histograms of the "year" column for each dataset. You will need to modify the horizontal axis minimum and maximum values to 1920 and 2020. Video

  3. Create a scatterplot comparing the "rank" and "metascore" for the movie-goer dataset and customize the vertical axis to have a minimum value that displays the data with more detail and less white space. Similarly create a scatterplot comparing the "rank" and "avg_vote" for the critics dataset. Video (Note: Video selects avg_vote in error)

  4. Create a bar chart of the "worldwide_gross_income" for the top 10 movies of each dataset. Video

  5. Update the title and axis labels to be like the example visualization and update the colors.

  6. Start a Google Drawing and set the page to 17" wide by 11" tall.

  7. Copy and paste your charts from Google Sheets into your drawing and resize as needed.

Since this exercise is focused on practicing spreadsheet skills, you can use "Latin copy" as a placeholder for text. Here is an online generator you can use --

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