3-4 Prepare Demonstration and Process Review


This is a time to develop a clear narrative to share about your team's work and enjoy sharing it with others in class.

1. Wrap Up Dashboard Development and Prepare to Demonstrate

Make your final adjustments to your dashboard and prepare how you will present your dashboard to the class and describe the key improvements made after the evaluations.

2. Review and Practice Discussion of the Team Process

Finalize your process documentation (site or poster) and practice how you will present and discuss your team process to the class.

3. Present Your Demonstration and Process to Class

End your presentation with a couple questions for the class that may help you refine the delivery of your team's work. For example, you could ask, "Are there any gaps in our process explanation that we should provide more detail?" or "How could we improve the demonstration of our dashboard?"

❏ Deliverable

Share links to your dashboard and process documentation.

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