3-3 Team Process Documentation


1. Determine the Content of Your Team's Process Documentation

Documenting your team process is important for two reasons. One, it is an opportunity for your team to reflect on the project process and what you have learned, and two, it provides a great aid for explaining your work to visitors at the final event. At the least, include the following.

  • Highlight at least six artifacts that demonstrate key work your team completed in the project process from beginning to end

  • Include a refined value statement that pulls it all together.

  • Outline the team member responsibilities.

2. Prepare the Process Documentation as a Poster or a Website

Your teacher will instruct you on the form of the documentation. Carefully consider how you will present the information in a logical and easy-to-consume fashion that will help you present your team's work to the public, whether in person or online.

❏ Deliverable

Your documentation in a poster or website format.

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