3-1 Dashboard Evaluation


1. Prepare Your Evaluation

Use the evaluation template as a starting point to customize your team's evaluation. Rephrase or add questions to the grid you will be asking. Discuss and outline with your team how you will conduct the evaluation with each participant--your evaluation script. For example,

  • Introduce yourself and the context of your dashboard project.

  • Explain that you are not testing them, but you want to improve your dashboard. Encourage them to think out loud and provide any constructive criticism as well.

  • Ask them to review your dashboard and give them an appropriate amount of time before you ask them any questions.

  • Use the evaluation grid to ask your primary questions and record feedback you get.

  • Thank them for participation.

  • After the session, review your notes, rate the primary questions, and add any findings that weren't added during the session.

2. Conduct a Dry Run with Team Members

Not only will this help you prepare for evaluation sessions with others, you can actually use this time to critically evaluate the dashboard yourself.

3. Conduct Evaluations In and Out of Class

Conduct an evaluation with at least 6 other classmates and at least 6 people outside of class. Make sure to find key stakeholders for the topic your team is addressing with your dashboard. Determine how your team will cover the 12 evaluations.

Evaluation Template

❏ Deliverable

Documents summarizing your evaluation findings.

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