1-6 Team Proposal


  1. Based on your concept evaluations determine your team's preferred concept.

  2. Refine your previous work as needed to be included in your proposal presentation. Ensure that each slide contributes to an explanation of a cohesive story that supports your concept and value proposition. Below is an outline you want in your proposal. Carefully consider how you will tell a convincing story about your team's concept.

    • a title slide

    • your value proposition

    • summary slides (or exemplars) of your teams work

      • Background research

      • Evaluation Results

      • Sketches or Descriptions of Potential Visualization Techniques

A Reminder on Value Propositions Value propositions clearly define key aspects of your proposed design that demonstrate it is a valuable and worthwhile product or service. It provides focus for your work. Here is a template to get you started. For [describe target users] who [describe problem or need], [name of product/service] is a [describe type of product/service] that [describe benefit or value].


❏ Deliverable Your team's proposal as a collection of slides and prepare to present your proposal to class and visitors from industry.

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