1-3 Concept Ideation

  1. As individuals, develop your own set of ideas and concepts that your team will review before selecting a final path. You want to come up with many diverse ideas without worrying too much about details. List at least 5 concepts. For each concept list the likely stakeholders and include 3 links to related concepts, data, or information on the web. Here is a template you can use.

  2. Next, gather your team and provide every member an opportunity to share ideas. It is important that you listen to all ideas and fully consider them.

  3. Select the top 6 ideas from the team and compare them based on three criteria. You can use this chart to visualize your concepts.

    • What is the potential level of community impact or value of the idea?

    • What is the team's level of interest in the concept topic?

    • How much access do you have to the needed data/information that you expect your will need?

❏ Deliverable: Documentation of individual concepts and a map of your concept comparisons.


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