2-4 Personas

Personas summarize the goals, desires, and frustrations of users to guide the design of a product or service. Below are two videos explaining personas.

Personas are useful for ensuring that we design for the people we are trying to serve and keep them at the center of our design decisions.

Standard Deliverable ✓

For this exercise your interview findings will help you create two personas that describe two fictional (but realistic) users of a messaging app. Create personas that are loosely based on the people you interviewed. You may combine characteristics of two interviewees into one persona or any variation you think is appropriate. Use this template as a starting point, but feel free to customize it as you like. Remember to create two personas. They can be submitted in a single document.

You want your persona to be descriptive and to the point with elements like...

  • A persona name and representation (character sketch)

  • Demographic information like age, occupation etc.

  • A list of frustrations and needs.

  • A scenario that describes a success for the persona.

Advanced ✓+

Simply create a third persona as an advanced deliverable.