2-3 Interviews

For this exercise you want to investigate people’s use of messaging apps, whether email, texting, Google Hangouts etc. Imagine you are an entrepreneur that is beginning to work on a new messaging app. For each interviewee ask questions that will help you understand the following.

  • What problems does mobile messaging solve for them?

  • What frustrations do they have with messaging?

  • What apps do they use and why not others?

  • What are the main reasons for messaging people?

Standard Deliverable ✓

  1. Create an interview script with at least four questions to guide you in an interview. Use this template to get started with your interview script.

  2. Interview four people (two in class and two outside of class) about their mobile/online messaging preferences.

  3. Summarize your findings for each question in the space provided in the document.

Advanced ✓+

Based on your findings, briefly describe an improvement that could be made to a particular product (e.g. email, texting, or instagram etc.), or describe a concept for a completely new product. (This would be a hypothesis!) Include your concept at the end of your interview script document.