1-1 Intro to Code References

Let's get familiar with W3Schools.com, a common reference for beginners in web programming. For this exercise, don't worry if the code is a bit confusing. In fact, if you aren't a bit confused at times, you probably aren't on the path to learning. We just want to experience how to use a reference like this one to learn new things.

  1. Go to this link for basic HTML on W3Schools. Get familiar with how it provides information and examples.

  2. Click the Try it Yourself button. Edit the example code and click Run. You will find many examples like this on the internet as you learn to program for the Web. Most references provide code examples you can use, and sometimes they provide interactive testing like W3Schools.

  3. Next, search 'html bold' on Google, as if you wanted to know how to create bold text in a web page. You will likely see a search result from W3Schools titled "HTML b tag". Click that link. Review the explanation and the Try it Yourself example.

  4. Now, find how to create a clickable link in a web page. Hint: include "html" plus something else in your Google search. Getting the keywords right in a search will go a long way.

  5. Do you know how to create a link in HTML now? Share with classmates what you found and how you found it.

There is a lot of help for programming available on the Internet. With practice you will learn how to search and filter results to get the answers you need quickly.

Self-learning is a required skill in the 21st century.

Let's make a website:

1) Go to Codepen.io and log-in. Make an account if you haven't yet.

2) Now go to this link to see the framework of a basic website.

3) Click the Fork button in the upper right to make yourself a copy of the website.

4) Follow the instructions of your instructor to add your name, a paragraph, a hyperlink, and an image.

5) Congratulations! You made your first website!