Cohort 2 - Academic Year 2023 - 2024

Application Deadline: May 1, 2023

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What is the iDEW Data Analytics Cohort 2 program?

iDEW from the IU Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering in Indianapolis is offering an opportunity for high school students to accomplish the following four objectives in the 2023-24 academic year – nearly a $4,000 value for FREE! 💰

1. Earn a Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

"Prepare for a new career in the high-growth field of data analytics, no experience or degree required. Get professional training designed by Google and have the opportunity to connect with top employers. There are 380,000 U.S. job openings in data analytics with a $74,000 median entry-level salary." — Google on Coursera

2. Earn Credit at the IU Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering in Indianapolis (Luddy)

By successfully completing this program students will earn 12 credits in the following four courses at Luddy.

* Individual courses may change before the beginning of the Fall semester.

3. Earn High School Credit

While each high school may approach this differently, credit will be provided for the class time allocated for this program.

4. Experience the IU campus in Indianapolis as an IU Student

Students participating in the iDEW Data Analytics Cohort become IU student through the SPAN program and receive an IU Crimson Card, the IU community ID card, providing access to many resources. While the coursework is not completed on the IU campus, students will visit the campus and have access to resources throughout the year, if they choose.

How Will Students in the Data Analytics Cohorts Learn?

Students will largely work independently as they complete a series of eight courses on the Coursera platform. They will have ordinary class time available to complete the work, but they will most-likely need to complete some work outside of this class time.

The Coursera content is based on videos, reading, practice activities, and quizzes. IU Luddy will also require the submission of an assignment at the end of each Coursera course demonstrating their knowledge and skills learned. The final submission to Luddy will be a comprehensive project that will also serve as a great portfolio piece for internships or entry-level opportunities.

While students can self-pace their work, the iDEW team will providing pacing guidelines and coaching support as needed. The iDEW team is committed to every student succeeding and will closely monitor progress. We have found that the primary challenge for students is allocating time to complete the material and staying engaged consistently throughout the program.

How are the Certifications and Luddy Credits Earned?

Students will earn six IU Luddy credits for successfully completing the first four Google Data Analytics courses (the first half of the Google certification) in the Fall semester and submitting the four associated Luddy assignments. Students will earn six more IU Luddy credits for completing the last four Google Data Analytics courses (the second half of the Google certification) in the Spring semester and submitting the four associated Luddy assignments.


  1. Successful Application There is limited space in the program and the following criteria will be important during the selection process.

    • Short Essay on Interest in Program

    • Minimum 3.0 GPA (or equivalent)

    • Teacher Recommendation

    • Statement of Commitment to Complete the Program

  2. Completion of the Program Orientation During the summer an orientation to the program will be offered online and in-person to accommodate busy schedules, but it will be important for student success.

  3. Consistent Participation, Progress and Communication This program has a very ambitious schedule, and students need to be committed to consistent participation, progress, and communication.

A few more useful notes:

  • The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate courses are available to the public, but the iDEW coaching and Luddy Credit is only offered through this cohort program at this time.

  • Student progress will be evaluated at key intervals to ensure the appropriate progress is being made to justify enrollment in Luddy courses. We want to do everything possible to prevent any student recording a non-passing grade at IU.

  • Students may decide to begin the Google Data Analytics Courses on Coursera over the summer to get ahead, leaving room for further exploration and learning in the regular academic semesters.


phone: 317-435-9714

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