Program a Trivia App ⏱

Let's program a customized trivia app in three steps!

👉 As you work through the following activities don't hesitate posting questions on Slack and include a link to your replit when needed.

1 Complete the Template Build Tutorial

2 Create a Custom Question Database

3 Make Five Custom Modifications to Your Trivia Game

🎉 Well done! Be sure to share what you created on Slack!

Planning for Student Success

Now that you have experience with programming for this project...

  • Consider how you will approach classroom management when students are completing a tutorial like this one.

    • What will be your expectations?

    • How much will be individual work versus team work?

    • Will you assign any code champions to help you support students with questions?

  • How will you supplement it with other programming content or experiences?

    • Will you use any online tutorials?

    • Will you supplement with any CS unplugged activities?

    • Will you create any custom programming exercises yourself?

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