Program a Robot ⏱

👉 As you work through the following activities don't hesitate posting questions on Slack and include a link to your Arduino code when needed (or even a short video).

1 Complete Tutorials A & B to Get Started with the Robot

2 Complete Tutorials C, D & E to Practice Three Key Modes of Operation

Optional: Learn How to Program for More Scenarios

Well done! Feel free to share code or video on Slack of what you have created!

Planning for Student Success

Now that you have experience with programming for this project...

  • Consider how you will approach classroom management when students are completing a tutorial like this one.

    • What will be your expectations?

    • How much will be individual work versus team work?

    • Will you assign any code champions to help you support students with questions?

  • How will you supplement it with other programming content or experiences?

    • Will you use any online tutorials?

    • Will you supplement with any CS unplugged activities?

    • Will you create any custom programming exercises yourself?

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