Internet of Things

Welcome and Getting Started

Programming Workshop Sequence (June 20 - 24, 2022)

This workshop is largely asynchronous, providing you flexibility to complete things on a schedule that works for you. Below you will find the sequence of events and videos for the workshop. Notice the two live Zoom sessions on Monday at 2:30 pm and Thursday at 2:30 pm. Otherwise we will use Slack for discussions and impromptu Zoom meetings as needed. Please don't hesitate posting a message on Slack for help.

All posted times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Workshop Resources

  • Slack Channel: #programming-iot in the CxD 2022 Slack Workspace

  • Programming Platforms

    • Particle Build is the recommended programming platform for the IoT Board.

    • is the recommended platform for web app programming.

  • Zoom Video Conferences: A link will be provided on Slack

Here is the link to the original Code Reference that uses the no longer available Sparkfun Inventor's Kit. You may find this useful as the documentation is being updated for the new IoT kit.

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