Program a Chatbot ⏱

👉 As you work through the following activities don't hesitate posting questions on Slack and include a link to your replit when needed.

For the chatbot programming workshop we will focus on completing the code-specific portions (direct links below) of the warm-up project in the chatbot documentation. While you may want to review the full instructions of the warm-up project for context, the items below are specific to the programming. As always, don't hesitate using our Slack channel to ask questions or share progress.

1 Get Started with the Chatbot Template in Replit

You will find a short video included to help get the template up and running.

2 Complete

A video is included to get you started with the instructions.

3 Apply at Least Five Code Modifications

This is where you want to dig deep and consider the many ways students may want to program the chatbot and how you will help support them. A short video demonstrates how you can get started with making a modification. You are not limited to these modifications.

★ We also encourage you to come up with new modifications and share your work (or roadblocks) on Slack.

Well done! Be sure to share what you created on Slack!

Planning for Student Success

Now that you have experience with programming for this project...

  • Consider how you will approach classroom management when students are completing a tutorial like this one.

    • What will be your expectations?

    • How much will be individual work versus team work?

    • Will you assign any code champions to help you support students with questions?

  • How will you supplement it with other programming content or experiences?

    • Will you use any online tutorials?

    • Will you supplement with any CS unplugged activities?

    • Will you create any custom programming exercises yourself?

If you are participating in the Innovation Workshop you will consider similar questions for broader project activities.

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