Computing by Design 2022 🚀

Welcome to Our 2022 Online Summer Workshop Series!

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Teacher Stipends💲

Teachers will be provided stipends on the following schedule each summer.

  • $250 dollars per participation in a one-week workshop (Programming WS, PBLWorks WS, Cross-Discipline WS)

✱ The CxD innovation workshop at CSPD Week is not included in stipends distributed by us, but they are offered through CSPD.

The maximum total stipend in a summer workshop series will not exceed $1000 per teachers. In order to receive a stipend for the PBLWorks Workshop the teacher must also participate in at least one other workshop to ensure sufficient coverage of computer science content.

The following are required to receive the stipend for each workshop.

  • Participation in all live online sessions for the given workshop

  • Participation in the online Slack community

  • Complete associated surveys

  • Submission of a final deliverable that demonstrates competency in the workshop content

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