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Teacher Insights
Here you will find various insights from teachers and programmers on how to approach teaching in computer science and a project-based perspective. Borrow, adapt and curate the ideas presented to help you develop your unique approach. Don't hesitate asking question in Slack on any of these ideas.

Angela Jones

Angela is the CT Instructional Coach at Arsenal Tech High School in Indianapolis and an experienced Computing by Design teacher as part of the iDEW program.

On Enjoying the Journey

Luke Jones

Luke Jones: People: Purdue School of Engineering & Technology: IUPUI
Purdue School of Engineering & Technology

On Developing Content Knowledge

In this video Luke provides insight on teaching computer science, especially if you are fairly new to programming and learning a lot as well.

On Managing Student Success

In this video Luke provides guidance on how to manage students as they work on projects.

Matthew Baron

Matthew Baron - Herron High School
Herron High School

On Scaffolding and Scrum

Travis Faas

Travis Faas, M.S.
School of Informatics and Computing : IUPUI

On Practical Approaches to Programming for Beginners

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