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Programming Workshop Sequence (June 7 - 11, 2021)

This workshop is largely asynchronous, providing you flexibility to complete things on a schedule that works for you. Below you will find the sequence of events and videos for the workshop. Notice the two live Zoom sessions on Monday at 1 pm and Wednesday at 2:30 pm. Otherwise we will use Slack for discussions and impromptu Zoom meetings as needed. Please don't hesitate posting a message on Slack for help.

All posted times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Workshop PrepLive Zoom: Mon 1:00 pm ⏰Programming Warm-Up ⏱Teacher InsightsProgram for Data Viz ⏱Live Zoom: Wed 2:30 pm ⏰Workshop Deliverables

Workshop Resources

  • Slack Channel: #ws-programming-data-viz in the CxD 2021 Slack Workspace

  • Spreadsheets: Our examples will use Google Sheets

  • Python: We will use Google Colab to create a Python notebook in Google Drive.

  • Web Programming (HTML/CSS/JS): is the recommended programming platform for web programming.

  • Zoom Video Conferences: A link will be provided on Slack

  • Recommended Programming Supplements: See the Skill Building section of this document.

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