Workshop Deliverable


In this workshop we want to provide the resources and help you need to prepare a classroom plan for teaching computer science in the coming year. Whether you are intending to run a single project as the main activity for a semester or inject a smaller project within another instructional context, you can use this template as a starting point. You may also want to use (or borrow ideas from) the PBLWorks project planner.

If you are going to use a CxD project guidebook, a lot of the details are already prepared, but you definitely want to formulate the big-picture plan on you will facilitate the course in your context. Ultimately, make the project/course plan work for you and include the level of detail you need. We hope these resources are good starting points.

Two Components of the Deliverable

  1. A classroom plan to facilitate a computer science course

  2. Three artifacts from the project activities that you created through the course of the workshop. These can serve as examples of work for students while giving you first-hand experience of fulfilling the expectations you may have of your students.

A Few Notes:

  • While your plan may not be complete and require more development this summer, provide enough detail to express the key elements of your plan that enables some discussion with others.

  • We understand that you may choose to use other CS material at varying degrees with the CxD material or another PBL experience to fit your students' needs. Please share that as part of your plan, as it doesn't need to be solely based on CxD material.

  • Even if you are not offering a CS course this fall, please post an outline of how you might facilitate a class in the future.

Sharing Your Plan on Slack

Please consider sharing you plans and artifacts on Slack. Sharing your work with other workshop participants in Slack provides an opportunity to get valuable feedback -- and provide others with feedback as well.

Submitting Your Deliverable

Use the link below to submit your classroom plan. A code is needed to submit, which will be provided in Slack and in our Zoom sessions.

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