Module 4 - Project Phase Three


Driving Question for Students: How effective is your solution and how will you improve it?

👉 Check the google drive resources for canvas templates you may want to use.

✓ Pilot Evaluation │ ✓ Final Release Development

Further evaluate the pilot release with stakeholders.

How will students conduct an evaluation of their pilot solution? Who will be participants in the evaluation?

Review the evaluation results and prioritize the fixes and improvements.

What will you require of students regarding the results of the evaluation?

Which CS standards are addressed in the identified activities for the project? 🔗IN CS Standards


We recommend that you create an example evaluation as one of the three artifacts for the workshop final deliverable.

✓ Final Release Launch and Promotion │ ✓ Poster Design

Launch the solution with a clear call to action through your promotion.

How will you expect students to promote their work broadly? How much time will be required to organize an event for student presentations (whether in-person, by live video, or recorded)?

Present the best artifacts to share the development story.

What expectations will you have on the narrative students provide in their presentations and demonstrations, and how will that map to a poster or similar visual?

✓ Individual Reflections │ ✓ Presentation Plan & Practice

Reflect on the experience and the impact on your future.

How and when will you have students prepare a reflection on the project? Will you have students be prepared to share reflections with visitors at an event?

Take the time to know your audience and delivery plan.

What format will you follow for the final presentation event? Will you ask visitors to judge for some category awards?


This is your time to show everybody what you have done and share your story.

How will you encourage students take ownership and pride in their presentations and demonstrations?

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