About Us

The Computing by Design Workshop Team

Jim Lyst

Faculty at the School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI

Drawing on 15 years of industry experience as an engineer and designer, plus over 10 years of teaching experience, Jim focuses on enhancing the continuity between learning experiences and industry practices to provide students a clear path to impactful work in STEM fields. He is a key contributor to the Computing by Design framework and project material.

Vicki Daugherty

Program Manager and Diversity Coordinator
Joining IUPUI in 1995, Vicki Daugherty is the program manager for Informatics Diversity Enhanced Workforce (iDEW) and diversity coordinator at the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI. Computing by Design (CxD) is a product of the iDEW program.

Dr. Mathew Palakal

Senior Executive Associate Dean of School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI
Dr. Mathew Palakal **is a professor of Informatics in the IU School of Informatics & Computing (SoIC) and Senior Executive Associate Dean of SoIC at IUPUI. His primary research is in artificial intelligence and machine learning. His passion is to bridge the gap of underserved-underrepresented minority populations in the IT workforce. He was a key architect of the Informatics Diversity Enhanced Workforce (iDEW) program that uses the Computing by Design (CxD) curriculum. iDEW was implemented five years ago in three Indianapolis high schools with 70 students, to broaden IT-workforce participation. Nearly 1,700 students have taken CxD courses in 100 classes at eight high schools to date. The iDEW program has received +$2.1 million in corporate/foundation funding, and a Skill-Up grant from the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development.

Instructor Team

Dr. Aqueasha Martin-Hammond

Matthew Baron

Travis Faas

Dylan Follett

Dylan is a computer science teacher at the McKenzie Center for Innovation & Technology at the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township in Indianapolis.

Angela Jones

Angela is the CT Instructional Coach at Arsenal Tech High School in Indianapolis and an experienced Computing by Design teacher as part of the iDEW program.

Luke Jones

SoIC Student and Graduate Mentors

Sahar Abdullah

Rebekah Holcomb

Abby Markel

Miguel Olivares

Dylan Puckett