Guide to Project Plan

Whether you are intending to run a single project as the main activity for a semester or inject a smaller project within another instructional context, you can use this template (embedded below) as a starting point. You may also want to use (or borrow ideas from) the PBLWorks project planner.

If you are going to use a CxD project guidebook, a lot of the details are already prepared, but you definitely want to formulate the big-picture plan on you will facilitate the course in your context. Ultimately, make the project/course plan work for you and include the level of detail you need. We hope these resources are good starting points.

Template Link

Recommendations on Template Sections


Provide a rich description of the project challenge and some background. What is the challenge to students specifically? What technology or tools will be applied. What will be the make-up of student teams?

Primary Student Resources

List the primary material you will use (like a CxD project guidebook), along with programming environments and tools--like Google Drive, Prototyping Platforms, etc.

Time Allotments and Project Management Process

Describe the intended time allotments for the major activities. For example -- 70% Project, 20% Individual programming tutorials, 10% Topic Research. Also describe how you intend to manage team project progress, like with digital Kanban Boards.

Community Partners and Engagement Plan

Who in the community might be your partner? How do you intend the partners to engage with the students?

Assessment Plan

What will be your primary methods of formative and summative assessment?

Milestone: Date & Venue

What is your target date and place for student presentations?

Milestone: Publishing Channel

How might you make student artifacts available online for the community to see, either as a lead-up to a presentation or for those that can't physically attend?

Milestone: Standards

Summarize the learning objectives and standards met with the work that leads up to the milestone.

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