Final Review of Project Plan

Sharing Your Plan

By sharing your semester plan for teaching a CS course with other workshop participants in Slack you can get valuable feedback -- and provide others feedback as well.

A Few Notes:

  • While your plan may not be complete and require more development this summer, provide enough detail to express the key elements of your plan that enables some discussion with others.

  • We understand that you may choose to use other CS material at varying degrees with the CxD material or another PBL experience to fit your students' needs. Please share that as part of your plan, as it doesn't need to be solely based on CxD material.

  • Even if you are not offering a CS course this fall, please consider posting an outline of how you might facilitate a class in the future.

Actions Between June 29 and July 10

Sometime between June 29 and July 10 please share your project plan in our Slack workspace in the #cohort*-your-plan channel to get feedback from other workshop participants. Include any to-do items that you know you have yet to complete, as well as any prompts you would like others to specifically give you feedback on.

Further Help

We can form Zoom sessions or side discussions on Slack as needed. Please don't hesitate asking us to facilitate a live discussion, whether one-on-one or in small groups.

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