Computing by Design 2020

Preparing Innovators in Computing


Welcome to the Computing by Design (CxD) 2020 Summer Workshop! This year's online sessions include four modules that introduce the CxD framework and three practical projects that employ the framework. The sessions culminate with the development of an instructional plan for you to facilitate computer science learning in your context. The base schedule spans the month of June, but you may choose to accelerate through faster.

Most activities are asynchronous, where you can watch videos, read material, and post comments in Slack at times convenient for you. We will have weekly 2-hour Zoom sessions for live discussions, and we will organize sessions for side topics as needed. As a rough estimate, you might spend 6 to 8 hours on each of the modules.

Preparation List

  1. Review the primary workshop tools

  2. Join our Slack workspace and select a cohort

  3. Join us in one of our welcome Zoom sessions: Monday, June 1, 9am or 3pm

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